Passing out of school is big time for most students because for most it’s the first time they will have to make a life changing choice. Our career guidance project aims to be a starting point for this confusing phase.

Our career guidance project starts with helping students choose a career choice and the pros and cons of the same. We help them view company profiles and job experiences required by employers in the field. All the information we provide helps students make well informed choices for their futures.

We guide students in secondary schools to choose careers and the appropriate colleges that will help them achieve great success in their carriers. We provide to them articles from counsellors and college officials about admission experiences in the new life they are about to enter and what exactly is expected of them.

Our career guidance project makes it easy for students to access the information they need. We guide students through the entire process and provide access to verified academic sites that can help them. We also help students collect all the information they require to better shape the careers.

ASW Consults is the number one expert in helping students shape a better future for themselves