ASW consults human resource management services allow your organization or company put in play a variety of important human resource management tasks like talent management, pay roll processing and administration, handling employee benefits, coordination of training programmes and generally handling any sort of human resource management for your organization.
We help you properly handle; –

  • Pay roll and HR administration services.
  • We help you reduce costs on payroll, accounting and benefits in that line.
  • We help your organization handle payroll tax filling with tax Authorities like Uganda revenue authority and local government.
  • Employee benefit services.
  • We enable your organization make the most suitable choice from a range of packages provided by the national medical insurance carriers.
  • We enable your employees gain excess to insurance packages in both short- and long-term disability life and personal accident in case it happens.
  • Compliance Management.
  • We help organizations get the right workers’ compensation plans and insurance packages.
  • We help you rely on knowledgeable consultations when taking tricky employment rotation challenges.
  • Receive on time assistance with many employment related salary entitlements and Audits.

ASW consults clearly understands the core area of the Human resource management practices including; – Employee retentions, Benefits and compensation, Training and development, performance and reward, Recruitment and selection and so much more.