Productive legal consultancy is a very strong pillar for the development of a company, Business or organization. When, consulted on legal issues, we work as part of your team to participate and meet the challenges you may face. We will work closely with you to understand your business, your objectives and the mission and vision of your organization.

Our legal consultancy services include legal Audits and due diligence facilities allowing our clients to operate in a sound legal way and minimizing any kind of consultancy services on demand basis. Our aim is to help you keep on top of the risks and opportunities arriving from changes in the law, we track and anticipate the latest legislative proposal in the jurisdiction that are important to your business. We aim to help our clients establish a reliable legal background in your company or organization in order to minimize the number of legal disputes and to protect the benefits of our client to a maximum level.

We regularly counsel clients in ongoing compliance with the major relevant banking laws and regulations in all the major financial centers including helping them develop refine and harmonize their internal policies and procedures, address other compliance and government issues and guide them through any turmoil business encounter.

We provide contributions and arrangements as well as loyal benefits of the company within the scope of commercial law, corporation laws, Debt collection procedures, Enforcement law, property laws among others.

We work with a number of legal firms and upon request, we act an intermediary for the arrangement of general regulations.

ASW consults advises clients on both their daily operations and on their most vital strategic projects covering corporate structures establishing new business ventures, commercial contracts out servicing , reinsurance structures , capital raising , regulatory matters investigations and enforcement procedures ,investment portfolios ,including commercial lending real estate investment , alternative risk transfer mechanisms, insolvency of companies and organization among other.

We offer legal advice on management of companies, industrial and manufacturing laws, Energy and resources sector , environmental law, intellectual property, Real Estate laws , labor laws and industrial relations consultancy, international legal services and cross- practice services, legal advice on banking and finance, corporate law etc.