An organization can’t deliver unless it has a team of Human resource that works together.Corporate organizations consistently seek out our team building services to improve the productivity and motivation of their work force.

ASW consults main goal of team building is to improve welfare productivity, well-being and staff motivation. We take your employees out of the office and help the entire team break down office and personal barriers, eliminate distractions and enjoy laughter and have fun.

Team building practices help improve team work, communication among employees, conflict resolution. It has been proven that team building improves employee morale, decrease turn overs, teaches workers new skills and increases employee’s morale and innovation all of which can improve efficiency and effectiveness in their work spaces.

Objectives of our Team Building activities.

  1. Re- align staff morale and inspire the new desire to work and positively contribute to vision and mission of the organization they work for.
  2. Explore the way team members see the core values, vision and mission of the organization and apply them in their day to day lives work.
  3. Opportunity to have some fun together, reflect and refresh away from routine work preferably in a calm and very green environment.
  4. Outline each individual’s responsibility and role in achieving the organization vision and mission.

Working with ASW consults on team building assures activities that will address interpersonal problems within the group, improves inter team communication and enhances the productivity of employees, our activities are designed to increase motivational levels among team members and instill leadership skills among employees.

After our retreats, we leave organizations with employees that have renewed their commitment to clearly define objectives and goals, improve processes and procedures, enhance organizational productivity and work on team strengths and weaknesses with improved ability to solve problems.

We are experts in facilitating various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles with in teams involving collaborative tasks. We give team building activities and programmes that give realistic experiences that empower individuals to contribute to organizational common goals and objectives.