We help you see the world differently; discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what we can be.

We work with ambitious clients who want to define the future in the industries of Real estate, Transportation and logistics, Agriculture, Energy and Natural resources, Tourism and Hospitality, Accommodation, Oil and gas, Education, Trade and Commerce, as well as Investment.

Leaders in these industries above come to us to solve industry defining challenges in Work Force Management, Marketing, Human resource management, capacity and team building , investment advice ,recruitment and selection, HR out sourcing, job evaluation, culture and leadership Diagnostics , competence development legal advice, mentorship and training , project designs among many other services.

What makes ASW consults different.?


We deliver integrated solutions, complement our capabilities with a current ecosystem of leading innovators to achieve better faster and more enduring results for our clients.


A group of professionals with a broad range of specialties that complement each other.


We work with a high level of experience in various specialty areas, working with a team approach towards client needs using the many business contacts we have with professional Marketing and presentation of services.